Successful Stories

Before I met Jurate and attended her training… I was lacking a bit of motivation and somewhat side-tracked from my goals. During this training I learned a new way to envision my objectives more clearly and aim towards them in a more accurate manner. That helped me a lot in re-calibrating my focus and gave me a different insight and perspective on how to view things, and thus eliminating limiting beliefs and empowering me to move forward more courageously and decisively.


Jurate is a charismatic coach, speaker, trainer and genuinely cares for other people’s success. I am proud to know Jurate. When one listens to her, that individual can’t help but be motivated to take action. I like her generosity and his sincerity in wanting to help others to achieve and function at their highest possible level. She is an extremely supportive person.


Jurate is an enthusiastic coach, extremely supportive person, amazing friend and inspired individual to work with, who genuinely cares for other people’s success. Her clear thinking, approachable manner helped me to choose which direction to go at a crossroads in my life, with effective tools to reassess and aid my progress. I am proud to know Jurate, and grateful for all support she has shown me thus far ?


I highly recommend anyone at any level of business, to make time to attend one of Jurate‘s courses; time well invested will either completely change many of your perspectives or greatly enhance the way in which to view your chosen path and as Jurate would say: „You are the result of your choices”. You are a very remarkable lady, Jurate. Thank you.

Christopher Boehner
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