Drąsių pokyčių programa

Drąsių pokyčių programa  (tarptautinė)

Fearless Change Program

A Simple 5 Step System to Embrace Change in Your Life. Equipping You with tools for career, business and lifestyle.


What change are you facing now?

  •        Have you moved to a new city? New country?
  •      Are you changing your career?
  •      Do you want to start your own business?
  •      Looking for a breakthrough of a new direction in life?
  •      Do you want a change in your life?
  •      Looking for a new challenge in your career?
  •      Have you got promoted to management and need some solutions?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, join Jurate today in a FEARLESS CHANGE online program to get an action plan for your changes in life, career or business. Based on Jurate’s groundbreaking work in reinvention with thousands of professionals, this effective system draws on a proven five-step model to create success and abundance so it aligns with what you want. Her program will guide you through concrete, specific approaches and strategies that will unlock your power, confidence and ability to achieve the growth you desire.


Program benefits:

  •        3 Weeks Online Training
  •         Action plan for your personal life change
  •         System how to manage any change
  •         Training in your own free-time and place
  •         Per email you will receive: Video recordings, worksheets, training materials to   change your habits
  •         2 x 30 min personal sessions (in your language: English, German, Russian or Lithuanian)
  •         Private access to the closed mastermind group (Whatsapp or Facebook)

Jurate will guide you through her 5-Step Fearless Change System:

  1.   Awareness  – discover your new environment, where the change is happening, and why
  2.   Mindset – uncover your core beliefs and blockages in your way to success as well as in your professional and personal life
  3.   Emotional Empowerment – win the game against your fear
  4.   Action Plan – position yourself for success
  5.   M.E. Commitment – actions that take you to the next level of fearless life


In this program you will:

  1.   Work on your personal change or challenge
  2.   Will get an actual action plan how to move on
  3.   Learn how to manage your emotions
  4.   Get practical exercises to move on in a daily life
  5.   Learn how to manage any change in your life
  6.   Receive my personal support in 2 private skype sessions
  7.   Become confident in yourself and what you do
  8.   You will be encouraged by a group of people going through similar changes

I am excited to hear from you, so let’s chat! Drop me a line if you have any questions or ideas: jurate@jj-lifestyle.com


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