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Are You Taking Courage to Appraise Your Year 2018?

You are walking on the street… Suddenly a cute child approaches you with a smile. He looks into your eyes and asks: “Would you take a present from me that I made myself?”


  • Sure! You answer astonished but feeling excited.
  • Great! Says the kid and gently gives you a small wrapped box to your hands.
  • By the way, continues the stranger, can you promise one thing?
  • Well… I don’t know… It depends what…
  • Can you promise that when you open it, you will do one thing? You will be honest, sincere, open with yourself to reflect on something?
  • Oh, sure! Sounds exciting, I love reflecting!
  • Awesome! I will leave you now, was lovely meeting you!
  • Thank you for your present, have a wonderful day ahead!


Honest, sincere, open… That keeps dancing in your mind and with curiosity you open wrapping paper and found a handwritten note: “Hi, take courage and appraise your year 2018. What took most courage this year? How do you feel now, entering 2019?”


You opened the present, it was a crafted wooden mirror… It was a moment when your heart started beating faster, when your mind started pushing anxiety, despair and distress. Why do you feel discomfort during live confession with yourself? Where is inner peace gone? Is there anything you want to keep secret from yourself?


We need courage to honestly look at our feelings, relationships, achievements, losses and mistakes. To clarify what has to be celebrated, what should be improved, what should be accepted… A 365 day review looks scary, it’s a long path walked, many stories told, a lot of happenings followed. What if you could start with a month by month review?


In my last years I have tried different tools, developed some new ones and will share with you one of my favorites. It is a simplified version that allows you to reflect on your productivity through: goals achieved, lessons learnt, things to celebrate, feelings at the end of the month.


Take 15 minutes today, try to start with the things to celebrate, for e.g. you spend quality time with your loved ones, finished a book, learnt to cook a new dish, decided where you will travel this year, and so on.


Next, try to reflect on your lessons learnt, surely, it is very personal, so try to discover what this month taught you. It may be courage to speak up, patience to listen, tolerance with different minded folks, a skill in IT, new vocabulary in your current language study…


Feel free to contact me on social media  ,or write me an email , I am excited to help you to use this tool.


I am also preparing a video about this tool shortly, so you could master it within a couple of weeks.

Stay courageous,

Yours, Jurate

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