About Jurate

Jurate Jurginyte

A personal mentor

Hello, I am Jurate, the FEARLESS CHANGE Coach who helps people to implement incredible changes in their career, business and lifestyle in the most essential way.

Please allow me to tell you why you can trust me and rely on me to help you change and turn around your situation and make an absolutely significant impact.

I am a Trainer, who will bring your courage back to life and a Career Mentor with a heart for cultural background, so it doesn’t matter where you come from, we can use it for your best advantage.

You’ll be able to do it because I am a Networking Expert and can mediate between you and your potential employers or business organisations.

Spiritual strength and understanding that you will discover, will equip you with the main tools and provide limitless energy supply in your path to success. I am a Christian Leader and will be sharing with you the Biblical values that have been tested throughout hundreds of years and will enable you to become successful in what you do; in your personal growth, business relationships and the market place.

Passion is a driving force behind every successful entrepreneur, I use it helping business people to connect for collaboration on the international level, finding the exciting opportunities locally and bringing them to a higher level worldwide. There are limitless opportunities out there and you can be a part of it. All you need to do is act now, it’s all it takes!

Furthermore, my deep knowledge of the educational environment and social media skills will help you to establish what knowledge sources will need to be tapped into and how your presence in the market could become more noticeable, what is your target audience and what is the best way to reach it.

As I love exploring new cultures, I will be the best person to discuss your issues with, no matter where you’re coming from, because I have that understanding and how to make the cultural difference one of the most attractive feature of your profile – I will inspire you to go across the cultural borders with confidence.

Last, but not the least, being a Leader of a worldwide entrepreneurship and professional organisation, I am sure you will be convinced that with my understanding of the business environment and know how, I will be the coach that you are looking for exactly and I will provide you with all support you need, so you can move any mountain and come out victorious, no matter how challenging your current situation may seem to you at the moment.

My Journey

Each journey brings exciting discoveries and memories. Life is a journey and I am so happy to share mine with you!

When I was 16, I started looking for the answers to life’s most essential questions: why I am here? Whom can I trust? What will happen after death? Most importantly, what can I do with my life so I can make the best positive impact on my own life and the ones’ around me?

I began researching and studying psychology, philosophy and sociology, however, it gave me just some nice ideas, but I was looking for the truth… I was looking for the true elements that this life was made of and for eternal foundations.

As I grew up, I experienced various challenges and obstacles; travelled the world, lived and worked in 7 different countries, met and got to know many different people and cultures and a different business environment. Among other things,  I have 11 years of recruiting and HR experience, 3 international universities degrees and an extensive coaching experience that I am ready to apply for your benefit, so we can get you going for success. You can make that decision right now by choosing to join my programme here.

All this amazing experience and studies that I was fortunate to be blessed with, I have discovered and came to the profound conclusion that everywhere I looked, from a new life that springs forth with every newborn child, to human mind and to the vast universe out there, there seemed to be an intelligent design to it. To my amazement and joy I have discovered the Creator.

 The answers kept coming with prayer and reading the Bible. Building relationship with God, our Creator, started filling my life with peace, love, wisdom, understanding, humbleness, appreciation, power of faith, order, courage and energy,  true values and principles that I cannot wait to share with you. Because this is the road to happiness and I want you to be happy too!

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